Collateral benefits of playing Chess.

( Susan Polgar, chess grandmaster and the first woman to break the gender barrier in Chess )

If you concluded that the a game of chess was cerebral and devoid of passion, read this excerpt from ‘Why I play Chess by Emma Pierson’

I once sat down at a board, shook my opponent's hand, and moved my king's pawn
forward to begin the game; in the pauses between moves, I found I was studying
his face more intently than usual. By the sixth move I realized, with a
combination of horror and amusement, that I had a crush on him. (A long chess
game, incidentally, is ideal for developing a crush on someone; during the long
pauses between moves, it's easy to stare baldly at your opponent without notice,
because they are studying the board. Unfortunately, from a romantic point of
view, the majority of my opponents seem to be depressingly un-crushworthy.)

This excellently written post, gives you an insight into the emotions of a child prodigy.