Repressed Memories - why now?

I have always been intrigued by these talk shows on television. You know the ones, where a guest takes us through his life and engages us with memories of some hurt or abuse ( they are more dramatic).Watching these shows I always used to wonder, why now( Why is he talking about it on the show), in what way will it be beneficial for him and how will it affect the other party in the memory?

Why at this time in our society is there such an interest in "repression" and the uncovering of repressed memories? Why is it that almost everyone you talk to either knows someone with a "repressed memory" or knows someone who's being accused, or is just plain interested in the issue? Why do so many individuals believe these stories, even the more bizarre, outlandish, and outrageous ones? Why is the cry of "witch hunt" now so loud (Baker 1992: 48; Gardner 1991)? witch hunt is, of course, a term that gets used lots of people who have been faced a pack of accusers (Watson 1992).