Quirky habits

I have my share of quirkiness. One of them, my ‘masterpiece’ as my wife calls it, is my habit of taking a leak just before stepping out of the house. It is the last thing I do and if something like a phone call interrupts, it means that I will have to revisit the bathroom again or otherwise I become as morose as a fasting python.
Looking back, I can trace the genesis of this habit to my ‘selling’ days. Numerous instances of prolonged client meetings with no bathroom breaks to calm me, has given root to this habit. The habit persists and refuses to let go.
Good-natured teasing from well-meaning friends and sarcastic barbs from teeth-gnashing better half have failed and it has got so bad that whenever we step out my daughter innocently reminds me to go the bathroom.

What about you, do you have any such quirks?