What if they were to find me with my pants down?

A couple of weeks back, there were a flurry of reports about the discovery of a perfectly preserved human skull dating back to hundreds of years. Anthropologists have deduced it to be of a human being purportedly the first killed by gunshot or some such nonsense.

I do not know why or how, but somehow this sick thought came to my mind. What if centuries later some one discovers my remains and what will they think of me?

The very thought sent a shudder through my body. More than when they find me, I am more concerned about how they will find me. Honestly, I would not mind being discovered with my bones hunched over a computer. The worst that can happen is that they will label me as the first man killed before a computer or some such thing.

However, what if they discover me with my pants down?

Will they conclude, that I died fornicating, or will they conclude that I died when I was defecating or pissing? Only the future holds the answer and I tell you there is no joy in contemplating it.