Men More Willing To Sacrifice for a Romantic Relationship

According to a new study by Catherine Mosher of Duke Medical Center and Sharon Danoff-Burg from the University of Albany, men may be more willing than women to sacrifice achievement goals for a romantic relationship.


Their findings challenge our preconceptions that women are more likely to prioritize people and relationships while men are focused on themselves and their achievements.


237 undergraduate students (80 men and 157 women aged 16 to 25 years), from the psychology department at a state university in the northeast of the US, completed questionnaires measuring personality traits and life goals.


The authors looked at whether personality traits influence students' life goals, and focused on the relative importance of romantic relationships and achievement goals in particular.


Overall both college men and women showed strong desires for individual achievement and relational intimacy. As expected, self-focus was linked to the importance of achieving, such as having a successful career. Focus on others was related to the importance of having meaningful relationships and contributing to society.


Unexpectedly however, men were more likely than women to give priority to a romantic relationship when asked to choose between a relationship and their career, education and travelling.



Modified from an article from Medical News Today