E-mail – the perfect way to prolong problems

Dr. Siegel, a psychologist and president of Impact Group, management consultants in Los Angeles, says e-mail has become the perfect way to avoid solving problems.

Siegel says people need to consider how much e-mail adds "to the value of their days" and goes on to bluntly add that "E-mail has become the 21st century's 'cover your butt' technique of choice. It's also become the interpersonal coward's device of choice."

People will send e-mail as a way to avoid dealing with an issue and an e-mail string that might bounce back and forth in six to 12 messages over a day or two sometimes can be solved with a 10-minute face-to-face meeting.

Once people reduce their dependence on e-mail, problems are solved more quickly and face-to-face interaction actually improves relationships.