Why Beer is losing its appeal

A report commissioned on behalf of French wine-makers hopefully concludes that the British, traditionally beer quaffers may altogether give it up in favour of burgundy.

Of the 1,000 regular male pub-goers questioned, 68% said the gassy, bloated feeling after drinking beer put them off a second or third pint, and they preferred to continue their evening with a lighter option. More than half (52%) conceded that the range of wines on offer in British pubs often outshone the beer choices, and slightly more (54%) admit they are likely to drink less beer than wine in the future.

The report also reveals that 72% of British men consider wine to be a more sociable drink than beer, with 68% preferring to share a bottle between friends rather than taking it in turns to buy rounds of beer.

To a guy who has an occasional dalliance with beer, the findings seems to be slanted in favour of the wine industry.

The only genuine reason to stop drinking beer after a mug or so is because of the urge to burp and the embarrassment it causes in mixed company.

All the other reason seem pure gas.

Beer losing its appeal, say wine-makers