Do men and women "speak different languages"?

Customer Reviews and Ratings on Full Bust and Full Figure Bras and Swimsuits at BiggerBras.comI have always taken the concept to be true. Here is someone who argues otherwise.

The idea that men and women differ
fundamentally in the way they use language to communicate is a myth in the
everyday sense: a widespread but false belief. But it is also a myth in the
sense of being a story people tell in order to explain who they are, where they
have come from, and why they live as they do. Whether or not they are "true" in
any historical or scientific sense, such stories have consequences in the real
world. They shape our beliefs, and so influence our actions. The myth of Mars
and Venus is no exception to that rule.

Granted there are preconceived notions at work, it still doesn't account for the fact that most conversations with my wife ends with her blaming me for not 'listening to her'.

Can someone explain it to me 'in my language' ? :)