Tracking War Criminals through Facebook, Google Maps and Google Earth

Geographic distribution of FurImage via Wikipedia

Quiet a few organisations focus on mobilizing public opinion and bringing war criminals to book.

The methods they employ to mobilize opinions are varied.

Among them Wanted for War Crimes is an organisation that is employing the latest in applications to do both.

In fact, they have developed a Facebook application to track the moments of war criminals like Ahmad Harun, a Sudanese Government Minister and Ali Kushayb, a leader of the Janiaweed. Both are in the Amnesty International list for wanted war criminals for murdering 100 civilians from the Fur tribe, raping the women and girls, destroying the mosque and food stores and also for forcing 334,00 people to flee.

You can also check out how Wanted for War Crimes, have used Google Maps and Google Earth to track these criminals.

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