A boxing film made from a poem

The Set- Up, a boxing picture, was made out of a poem written by Joseph Moncure March.

Basically, it is a “a story about two conniving fight managers and their aging black middleweight Pansy Jones. In March’s poem, the managers and a crooked gambler set Pansy up to take a fall but say nothing to him about it. Why should they share their fifty buck payoff? Isn’t Pansy going to lose the bout anyway? For a couple of rounds Pansy takes a beating, but then he realizes what’s going on, and out of some reserve of resentment or blind anger, he puts his man on the floor, for the count. But victory in the ring only leads to defeat on the mean sidewalks outside, as the vengeful gambler and his thugs gather around Pansy in the dark.”

The Hudson Review considers it to be the only boxing film made out of a poem.

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