Do books make us appreciative of the movie?

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I recently watched 'Silence of the Lambs' on Sony Pix. Quiet a few years back, when the same movie was released in Chennai, I think I had watched it in Sathyam Theatre .Back then there was couple of scenes in the movie which left me perplexed.
For example, I never really could understand the Title, eventhough I guessed it had to do with Jodie Fosters story of running away from a sheep farm. Equally, perplexing was the scene where Hannibal asks the mother (a Senator?) of the kidnapped girl about breastfeeding and thirst.
Many years later, I happened to read the book. The book not only cleared quiet a few misconceptions about the movie and opened me to new interpretations when I watched this time on Television.
So coming to the point I was trying to make, reading the book made me appreciate the film more. I wonder if that is the case with everyone else.
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