The greatness of the number 8

Inside the Magic 8-Ball. The raised letters of...Image via WikipediaMercurynews.com has gone to great pains to find out Why eight is great

  • Dentists divide the mouth into quadrants, and the eighth tooth in each quadrant is the wisdom tooth.
  • The eight-track cartridge tape was the first truly portable form of recorded music. It was replaced by the smaller cassette tape in the early '80s.
  • Eight is the atomic number for the most vital element: oxygen.
  • Hall of Fame 49ers quarterback Steve Young wore No. 8, making him as revered in Asia as he was in the Bay Area.
  • All spiders have eight legs and all octopuses have eight arms. But you will never see a spider and an octopus together, except in some of China's most exotic restaurants.
  • The Magic 8 Ball - a cross between a crystal ball and something you'd find on a pool table - contains an icosahedral die with 20 possible answers, including "Don't count on it," "Signs point to yes," and the perfect Beijing weather forecast, "Reply hazy, try again."

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