Rajini, Kuselan and the Aadi Jinx

At the start, I admit I have not seen Kuselan and having seen Kadha Parayumbol in Malayalam, I do not intend to see it.

One of the reason is I am under no illusion that Rajini can act better than Mamooty. In addition, I was sure that he would take the center stage in the climax, whereas it was Sreenivasan in the Malayalam original. Sreenivasan’s acting was tremendous and the climax that centered on the character played by him was vital ingredient for its success.

Nevertheless, as the movie relives Rajini’s early days I was sure it would be a massive hit. Surely, Rajini’s fans will find it riveting.

I was however jolted out of my complacency when I read an article that called Kuselan a fiasco and ascribes its failure to Rajini’s Aadi jinx.

Wonder what the truth is

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