What is the story of Kamal Haasans latest movie Marmayogi?

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Marmayogi, Kamal Haasan's magnum opus budgeted at Rs.1.25 billion is touted as India's costliest film to date is based on Marie Corelli's novel Vendetta : The Story of One Forgotten.

For those curious about the film's story read the preface of Marie Corelli's novel here.

"Lest those who read the following pages should deem this story at all improbable, it is perhaps necessary to say that its chief incidents are founded on an actual occurrence which took place in Naples during the last scathing visitation of the cholera in 1884.  We know well enough, by the chronicle of daily journalism, that the infidelity of wives is, most unhappily, becoming common—­far too common for the peace and good repute of society.  Not so common is an outraged husband’s vengeance—­not often dare he take the law into his own hands—­for in England, at least, such boldness on his part would doubtless be deemed a worse crime than that by which he personally is doomed to suffer.  But in Italy things are on a different footing—­the verbosity and red-tape of the law, and the hesitating verdict of special juries, are not there considered sufficiently efficacious to sooths a man’s damaged honor and ruined name.  And thus—­whether right or wrong—­it often happens that strange and awful deeds are perpetrated—­deeds of which the world in general hears nothing, and which, when brought to light at last, are received with surprise and incredulity.  Yet the romances planned by the brain of the novelist or dramatist are poor in comparison with the romances of real life-life wrongly termed commonplace, but which, in fact, teems with tragedies as great and dark and soul-torturing as any devised by Sophocles or Shakespeare.  Nothing is more strange than truth—­nothing, at times, more terrible!"

Judging from the preface of Marie Corelli's novel, 'Marmayogi' appears to be another vendetta movie morphed to suit the present day. As usual one can expect the Kamal Hassan's stamp - blood and gore, tilltation and latest film making techniques.

BTW, you can read the original story Vendetta: A Story of One Forgotten in an ebook format here.

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