Cutting Computer Start Time

Computer boots up For the last six months or so, rather than switch off the computer fully I have taken to using the ‘Hibernate.’ I have resorted to doing this in order to save time spent waiting for my computer to start up.

Initially, when I bought the computer, it just took a few minutes to boot up. (The standard time taken to start a computer is 3 minutes.) However, as time progressed I have added so many external hardware and downloaded innumerable software that it takes double the time to boot-up.

Consequently, I have started using the ‘Hibernate’ to by-pass this irritating delay. Imagine my surprise, when I learnt that this problem is not unique. More and more computer users are finding the wait for their system to start-up irksome.

As a result, organizations like HP, Dell and Lenovo are selling computers designed to access basic functions like email and web browser within thirty seconds of switching on.

I think it is not enough. A plain vanilla computer will boot up fast, what needs to be done is that the software for add-ons like the printer, modem etc., should be designed to boot up immediately.

Image by klip