6 th Russian Nuclear Submarine to go ballistic

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If we are to include Saturday’s mishap, then it is the 6 th accident since 1970 involving a Russian nuclear submarine. Though the spokesperson of the Russian Navy claimed that yesterday accident was due to unintended activation of the fire-extinguishing device, one is left wondering about the stability of these nuclear powered vessels.

Following is a chronology of major accidents involving Russian nuclear submarines:

1. April 12, 1970 - A Soviet November class nuclear-powered attack submarine sinks with 88 crewmembers in the Atlantic Ocean off Spain.

2. Aug 10, 1985 - An explosion on a Russian submarine at Chazma Bay, on the Pacific coast near Vladivostok, sends the lid of the reactor flying hundreds of meters with no trace of the 10 people working in the reactor.

3. April 7, 1989 - A Soviet Mike class attack submarine sinks off northern Norway with the loss of 42 lives after a fire.

4. Aug 12, 2000 - The Russian Oscar-II class submarine Kursk with 118 crew members sinks to the bottom of the Barents Sea after possibly a collision and two explosions on board.

5. Sept. 6, 2006 - Fire on board the Viktor-3 class Russian navy submarine St Daniel of Moscow, moored near the Finnish border, kills two crew members.

6. Nov 8, 2008 - More than 20 people killed and another 21 injured on a Russian nuclear submarine in the Pacific. The Russian navy did not disclose the name or exact location of the submarine. 
The Codicil on accidents involving Russian Nuclear Submarines

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