India fixes its own obesity guidelines.

Alarmed at the prospect of a dramatic increase in the population of 41 million diabetics by 2050, the health ministry of the Government of India has reduced the diagnostic cut-offs for body mass index and the standard waist circumference to fight the battle against bulge.

Accordingly, an expert medical panel decided to formulate new cut-off values for waistlines and measures of weight especially for the Indian population.

Studies have shown obesity related ill health is lowest when the body mass index is between 18 & 23. Taking cognizance of this fact any adolescent or adult with a body mass index between 23 and 25 would be deemed overweight, and a value higher than 25 is classified as obese.

They have also revised healthy waistlines values for Indians 90 cm for instead of 102 cm for men and 80 cm instead of 88 cm for women.

These new obesity and waistline cut-off values are much more stringent than the current International values and evolved from WHO’s suggestion that each country should set its own obesity guidelines.