NetPC, anyone?

NetPc For those who are unaware of its existence, here is an excellent explanation from Whatis.com.

The Net PC (also referred to as the Network PC) is an industry specification for a low-cost personal computer designed for businesses and their network applications. A Net PC, which is a design for what is also sometimes known as a thin client, is intended to be centrally managed and to lack a diskette drive, CD-ROM drive, or hardware expansion slots. It is designed to support specific business tasks and applications. Typical uses for Net PCs would be online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, retail point-of-sale, and banking services.

However, in India a Net PC is more often than not targeted at home users or single users. As a PC costs at least 5 times more the NetPC’s low entry cost entices home users.

I for one will never go in for a NetPC as one is at the mercy of the service providers for all our computing needs. The very thought of storing personal information at a remote location however secure, gives me the jitters.

Another obstacle as far as I am concerned is these NetPC’s come in a bundled offer. This limits the user to only one broadband provider. As these providers have only limited coverage, it means that one has to take a new one every time one moves.

To me a NetPC is a big no no, how about you?

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