Do Mobile phone radiation affect memory?

Science Daily reports that rats exposed to mobile phone radiation for two hours a week experienced poorer results on a memory test than the control group unexposed to the radiation.

The research team that conducted the experiments over a year at the Lund University Division of Neurosurgery in Sweden believes the findings may relate to their earlier findings that mobile phone’s microwave radiation can affect the ‘blood-brain barrier’.

However, this is in contrast to the claim made by researchers belonging to the Essex University in 2006. According to them human memory does not get affected due to the use of mobile phones, nor do mobile phones inflict brain damage.

The researchers headed by Professor Riccardo Russo strapped mobiles to volunteers' heads and asked them to do several memory tests without informing the participants whether the phones were on or off.

Contrary to previous studies that had claimed that electromagnetic radiation from phones fried the brain, and could cause cancer and alter DNA, the new study could not find any difference in participants' mental performance.

These contrasting results have put the paying public is at a loss to comprehend which is true.mobile phone

Image by Lotsapoppa