Obama has the makings of a Mahatma?

Maya Angelou, America's foremost living poet, says Barack Obama can be as great as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.


Angelou says, 'I see parallels in lots of things. I think now of Rev King's dream and the Kennedys' dream; Malcolm X's dream ... I see parallels all over the world. I think of Gandhi and Mandela. I do think he could be a great man like those other men, I do indeed".


I personally feel it is early days yet to declare Obama Barack great. Even his most ardent admirers will agree that he is largely untested as a National leader, leave alone an International one.


Stripping Maya Angelou's statement off its emotional content, I believe she meant that Obama would serve as a sign of what a man can do once he sets his sight on it.