Start-up tracking system

YouNoodle YOUNOODLE creates a proprietary technology that tracks and measures more than 25,000 start-ups in global directory and scoring system

YouNoodle, the online platform for the global entrepreneurial community, has made public the largest-ever dynamic directory of active start-up companies, compiled from its own proprietary tracking technology, rapidly-growing community, and several leading start-up data partners.

Start-ups, investors and journalists can use start-up pages and YouNoodle Scores to keep track of a company's impact relative to other start-ups and see who is talking about the company online. The online directory and YouNoodle Scores complement the suite of tools YouNoodle is developing to nurture the start-up community and help private companies succeed. Business owners and media can register for a free account at www.younoodle.com to begin using the online directory, and can learn more about YouNoodle Scores at www.younoodle.com/scores. YouNoodle's own start-up page (and current score) can be found here: