iPhone's Cannabis Apps

AJNAG (Ahj-Nag) which is GANJA backwards, is an activism, resource, and lifestyle network cultivated by the people to help connect, educate, and empower individuals on the cultural, economic, and medicinal benefits of: decriminalization, production, regulation, distribution, and taxation of Cannabis sativa L.

As a step towards rising cannabis consciousness by using the power of the World Wide Web and the Digital media they have developed a ‘CANNABIS’ Apps that lets you buy Cannabis legally on iPhone.

The story of how it was developed is by itself interesting.
Cannabis Apps consists of a software development and digital activist team focused on cultivating the most useful iPhone applications for the cannabis industry and movement.

In May 2009, Julian Cain, a software engineer and a legal cannabis patient, found a serious need to develop a mobile application that allows patients to quickly locate medicine right from their iPhone. The first protoype was demonstrated to Devin Calloway, the Founder and Webculturist of Ajnag.com. Calloway, being a web engineer, digital activist, and medical cannabis patient, shared the same vision with Cain.

The vision that technology should be used to converge mother earth, politics, and empower cannabis consumers. The two immediately connected. A week later cannabis data was being delivered from the Ajnag web server to the newly harvested mobile iPhone application.

As a conscious effort to empower the cannabis movement, AJNAG.com will donate $.50 cents for every “Cannabis”, the application, purchase to a cannabis non-profit reform fund.