The Apostolic Visitation

The Vatican began what was supposed to be a discreet inquiry into the "soundness" of American nuns. 
The completion of Phase 1 of this inquiry, called the Apostolic Visitation is the cause of much disquiet among the Roman Catholic Sisters in the U.S. 
Leaving aside the controversy, let us see what exactly an Apostolic Visitation is. 
According to the apostolicvisitation.org an “Apostolic Visitation is one which is conducted under the auspices of the Apostolic See. A visitation is a formal but personal meeting with the superiors and members of a religious community which offers an opportunity to comment on various aspects of community and religious life. 
The objectives of the Apostolic Visitation are to asses and encourage the growth of Catholic Institutes of women religious in the United States. It has also the distinction of being the first Apostolic Visitation of all communities of women religious. 
However, this visitation has courted controversy over how constructive an assessment it provides about the Roman Catholic Sisters in the U.S. 
Forgotten Ways, The: Reactivating the Missional Church explores the concept of Apostolic Genius as a way to understand what caused the church to expand at various times in history, interpreting it for use in our own time and place. From the theological underpinnings to the practical application, Hirsch takes the reader through this dynamic mixture of passion, prayer, and incarnational practice to rediscover the dormant potential of the modern church in the West.