Dangerous Dental Craze in Thailand

According to this report in “The Nation” there are 57,000 websites offering fashionable orthodontic services and one- day courses in orthodontic techniques. Together, they generate profits up to Bt 20,000/- per day. 

These websites have led to unregulated sales of dental implants like tooth braces for cosmetic purpose. Some have suffered under the hands of these ‘one day’ orthodontic specialist who have taken these one-day courses. 

In fact, a student Khon Kaen, has succumbed to infection after undergoing surgery at the hands of these amateur. 

Realising the seriousness of this threat to the health of the populace, the Dental Council has asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to restrict the sales of dental supplies and channel it through dentists. 

Another move is to list fashionable dental braces as a medical item so that there is control over the usage.