EBICS - Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard

The Zentraler Kreditausschuss (ZKA) enhanced Banking Communication Standard (BCS) processes to make them suitable for internet-based use and built in some additional features such as the distributed digital signature.


The resulting EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) was then adopted by the ZKA.


The EBICS forte is that the basic BCS concept remains: a data file exchange independent of message standards and formats using established digital signature and encryption procedures. Its features are based on international standards for internet communication and improved security (XML, https as well as TLS and SSL).


These are the advantages of using the EBICS:


  • A single common standard for all banks and customers 
  • Corporate customers can reach every bank with any software product.
  • An open standard
  • Corporate customers can use standard (i.e. open source) or customised software.
  • State-of-the-art-technology, international standards like XML, https, TLS, ZIP