Google's Caffeine

Yesterday, 10 August 2009, Google invited ‘webmasters, web developers and power searchers’ to try its new web search architecture code named Caffeine.

Actually, the new web search architecture is live Google Caffeine http://www2.sandbox.google.com/, but most users may miss it as it sits under the hood of the Google search engine.

As usual, Googler’s have been working on it for months and what drove them to develop new search architecture was the desire to crawl a large chunk of the web, index results by how reputable it is and as usual return relevant results to user queries as fast as possible.

The comments left on the Official Google Webmaster Central blog are as usual gushy. Nevertheless, the consensus is Google’s Caffeine is faster and provides many more real-time search results than earlier.

To those seeking an adrenalin rush,Google’s Caffeine is just the thing.




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Image Courtesy: Alexey Korsun