A new dental caries detection system

A visual, tactile clinical examination supplemented with radiographs is followed to detect dental caries.


However, as the caries process is reversible there is a need to be able to detect and intercept the process at an early stage. With the current tools and dental equipments, it is nearly impossible to detect dental caries at an earlier stage.


This is where Therametric Technologies new dental caries detection system, called Tier-2 Professional Caries Detection System may prove its worth.


Tier-2 PCDS (Professional Caries Detection System) can bring revolutionary change in the application of QLF (Quantitative Light Fluorescence technology) in dental offices.


  The Tier2 PCDS has:


  •   Wireless hand piece — Cut off cable connections for convenient use
  •     Voice activation control — Computer "listens" to your commands through wireless headset.
  •     Automatic lesion detection — Software "catches" lesion area by itself
  •     Air access — Detect activity of lesion areas
  •     USB interface — Plug & play with any qualified PC or laptop
  •     Portable system — Help keep dental offices less crowded
  •     Inexpensive cost — User-friendly high quality system with low price