Norton Top 100 online searches by children

Symantec, the computer security firm, released on Tuesday, a list of the Top 100 searches conducted by children whose computers are attached to OnlineFamily.Norton service.

The OneFamilyNorton is a service (currently free) that lets parents track their offspring's' Internet activities.

Expectedly Google's video-sharing hotspot YouTube, where children go for snippets ranging from Japanese anime and silly viral videos to dance routines and help with math homework was the most popular search.

Google and the social-networking service Facebook followed YouTube as the second and third top search terms respectively.

According to the computer security firm Symantec, children search for videos, social networks and games.

They also search for sex and porn (ranked 4th and 6th) on the Internet. The Wikipedia makes an appearance at No.14 on the top 100.

Symantec arrived at this conclusion after studying 3.5 million searches made by OnlineFamily.Norton service users worldwide between February and July of this year.


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