Universal Content Accessibility

Webmasters and content owners have started realizing that ensuring Universal Online Accessibility means their website & content finds more users and readers. 

Universal Accessibility gains further urgency when one realizes that in United States alone 74.2 million of computer users are likely or very likely to benefit from the use of accessible technology due to experiencing mild to severe difficulties or impairments.(from a 2004 study conducted by Forrester Research Inc., for Microsoft Corporation. www.microsoft.com/enable/research/computerusers.aspx ).

Universal Access to all knowledgePhoto courtesy : Steve Rhodes 

Then how does one ensure one’s website and its content are universally accessible?

The Stanford online accessibility program is one such program (http://soap.stanford.edu/index.php) that has enough if not more resources. “It is a one-stop location for Policies, Guidelines, White-papers and more covering the general topic of online accessibility” to guide a webmaster through the maze of universal accessibility.


Universal Design for Web Applications: Web Applications That Reach Everyoneteaches you how to build websites that are more accessible to people with disabilities and explains why doing so is good business. It takes more work up front, but the potential payoff is huge -- especially when mobile users need to access your sites.