Will the coalition against Google Books succeed?

Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo! along with a coalition of library associations and charities are opposing Google's book scanning project commonly referred as Google books.


They oppose Google's proposal to pay $125 million to create a Book Rights Registry.


The Books Rights Registry will allow authors and publishers to register their work and Google will in turn pay them a royalty earned from book sales and subscriptions.


The grand alliance formed by the opponents of Google's Book Rights Registry called the Open Book Alliance; believe that the deal "has enormous, far-reaching anti-competitive consequences that people are just beginning to wake up to".


Naturally, Google believes that the reaction is overboard and "The agreement stands to inject more competition into the digital book space, so it's understandable why our competitors would fight hard to prevent more competition."


However, the deal is facing anti-trust scrutiny from the Justice Department and a hearing is set for October 7 in the US District Court in New York.