Skin Care Products Evaluators

Improving the pharmacology and preventing damage to the skin is the job of skin-care scientists and cosmetic formulators. AMA Laboratories, Inc. provides a complete catalog of tests designed to evaluate the effects of products developed for use on human skin.


Wrinkle Evaluation


AMA has developed a method to measure not only deep wrinkle depressions via optical micrometry, but superficial fine lines as well. Reports on these studies can also include visual documentation of our results.


Moisturization – Hydration


These studies measure the relative moisture content of the skin utilizing a variety of state -of -the --art instruments to record stratum corneum hydration.


Transepidermal Moisture Loss – TEML


This test is used to measure a product's film forming capabilities (barrier effect)as well as evaluating the barrier function of the skin, by determination of the moisture gradient for water evaporating from the skin surface (the rate at which water is being lost through the epidermal layer of the skin).


Source: Thomas Net