Study finds pre-packaged meal plan superior to standard hospital diabetes support

A study team, led by Dr. Gary Foster, Director of the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University School of Medicine found that a pre-packaged portion controlled meal plan helped overweight individuals with type 2 diabetes loses significantly more weight and reduces their A1C test scores by almost a full point greater than those following a standard hospital-based diabetes support and education program.


 This weight loss brought considerable reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol and waist circumference.


"Weight loss brings impressive improvement in the control of diabetes," explains Dr. Foster, the principal investigator of the study. "People with diabetes have to perform mental gymnastics when they attempt to lose weight-balancing carbohydrates, fats and proteins with overall calories, all while keeping their blood sugar in check. The complexity can cause many people to become frustrated and give up."


"The pre-packaged and portion controlled Nutrisystem D meal program seems to alleviate some of those potential diet pitfalls for people with diabetes by providing nutritionally-balanced and convenient meals," continues Dr. Foster. "A structured plan empowers overweight people with type 2 diabetes to transition from feeling overwhelmed by meal planning to instead making healthy food choices that can have a positive impact on both weight loss and blood sugar control."