Tanning beds increase skin cancer risk

Two studies indicate that indoor tanning beds can cause skin cancer.


A study in 2002 showed that use of tanning beds were associated with 50% increase in basal cell carcinoma and more than 100% increase in risk of squamous cell carcinoma.


Another study this time by a cancer research organization, discovered that people who used indoor tanning beds before the age of 35 had 75% greater chances of developing melanoma.


In the September 2009, issue of Harvard Women's Health Watch, both these studies is cited to warn us that there is mounting evidence linking use of tanning beds with increase in risk of getting skin cancer.


According to the article, " Whether it comes from the sun or from artificial sources such as sun lamps and tanning beds, ultraviolet radiation is linked to skin cancers and to other sorts of skin damage, particularly premature skin aging".