Web Advertising: Impression Fraud and URL Padding prevalent

Mpire Corporation released the results of its initial AdXpose™ testing.


The three separate tests, conducted in July 2009, showed significant impression fraud and URL padding in standard run of network (RON) online ad buys.


Details from the test campaigns include:


    In RON ad exchange buys, more than 50 percent of the ad impressions delivered, and 95 percent of clicks, came from suspected fraudulent sources. In addition, nearly all the fraudulent traffic was hidden behind numerous layers of nested I-Frames – ad units that pull ad content from other sources – that can purposely hide URLs and in-view data.


   URL padding – the practice of proposing a broad range of URLs for an ad but actually delivering the majority of the buy via only a few of the sites – is very prevalent in ad network buys. Mpire test campaigns revealed more than 98 percent of traffic was delivered via fewer then 2 percent of the URLs.