An Anti -Snore Pillow

One of the causes of snoring is the misalignment of the head, the neck and the shoulders, which may lead to a restricted airway during lung expansion for taking a deep breath," says Board Certified physician 'Dr. Jorge' Rodriguez.

Consequently, aligning the head, the neck and the shoulders relives the pressure on airways and lets the lungs expand completely. 

The Brookstone® Anti-Snore Pillow claims it helps reducing snoring by doing just that, i.e., aligning the head, the neck and the shoulders by using an innovative design.
At first glance, the Anti-Snore Pillow looks -- and feels like a pressure-relieving memory foam neck pillow. Inside, the support system gently yet firmly cradles your head and neck, conforming to the natural contours of your body, while helping to keep your chin out and maintain a more open airway for better sleep. No matter what position -- back or side -- you and your partner can finally gain a peaceful night's sleep.