GMAT: Does guessing help?

When answering multiple-choice questions during GMAT, some of us take recourse to guessing as a test-taking strategy in the hope that we choose the correct answer.

Obviously, a guess increases the chance of getting a high GMAT score if the scores are calculated based on the number of correct answers.

However, a random guess may fail to yield a higher score if the examiners use formula scoring.

Formula scoring is a procedure designed to reduce multiple-choice test score irregularities due to guessing. Typically, a formula score is obtained by subtracting a proportion of the number of wrong responses from the number correct responses. (riCME Instructional Module).

According to Angoff & Schrader, 1984; Lord, 1975; Lord & Novick, 1968, “With formula scoring, guessing is only advisable when the choices are not completely random, but based instead on partial knowledge.”

In effect, informed guessing is more beneficial than random guessing to increase your score.

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