The Making’s of a Lollipop

Gone are the days when a lollipop was just a hard-boiledLollipops, Organic lollipops confectionary at the end of a stick. Now it has taken not only various hues but also hosts exotic ingredients.

In fact, so obsequious has lollipop become, someone has even patented the humble stick that supports the candy. US Patent 6054159 – defines itself as a self-supporting stick for  consumables and lollipop

Basically, the patent claims, that it is a “A lollipop stick having a top end and an opposed bottom end, the top end being configured for supporting and retaining a consumable product thereon, the bottom end including a plurality of slits defining a plurality of legs between the slits, the legs being movable from a first condition where the legs are substantially collapsed on one”.

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