When we smile, does the whole world smile back at us?

Ceropegia monteroiae flower - Smiley FaceImage by Martin_Heigan via Flickr
Undoubtedly, the whole world smiles back when we smile and here is the clincher:
Kaiser remembers photographing a smiley created by soda she'd spilled on the sidewalk. As Kaiser stood hunched over, trying to take a picture of what looked like nothing, a man stopped and asked what she was doing. She pointed out the smiley; the man smiled and walked away. A few minutes later, he was back, eager for Kaiser to photograph a smiley he'd spotted.
"As he was walking along, instead of living inside of his head, he was walking through life and paying attention," Kaiser says. "Often the spontaneous smiley is more of a metaphor. It's not that you have to look for smiley faces 24/7. It's about paying attention to your life and the environment around you."
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