Android Karenina: Anna Karenina Remixed

Quirk Classics have come out what they call an enhanced edition of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

As the name Android Karenina suggests, Leo Tolstoy’s classic love story is extrapolated to an anti-utopian world of robots, cyborgs and interstellar travel.

As in the original novel, the story follows the tragic adulterous love affair of Anna Karenina and Count Alexei Vronsky and the more hopeful marriage of Nikolai Levin and Princess Kitty Shcherbatskaya.

The difference is these characters live “in a steam punk-inspired world of robotic butlers, clumsy automatons, and rudimentary mechanical devices. However, when these copper-plated machines begin to revolt against their human masters, the characters fight back using state-of-the-art 19th-century technology—and a sleek new model of ultra-human cyborgs like nothing the world has ever seen".
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