Digital Learning-Simplifying learning and evaluation through technology

Infographic from Mint
Digital learning, has taken a ubiquitous presence inside and outside the classroom. There are experts who consider it as unavoidable as income tax. By leveraging big data, digital learning is expected to not only transform the way education is delivered and consumed, but also the way students are evaluated.
companies are making bold investments in digital products that do more than just push content online; they’re touting products that fundamentally change how and when students learn and how instructors evaluate individual student progress and aid their development.
There are others like Sugata Mitra, who believes that his ‘Schools in a Cloud’ will enable children to use the internet to learn with help of “from Skype Grannies to parents and educators- who give them the freedom to explore their curiosity”.

Similarly, Sanjay Sarma, Director of Digital Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, believes, traditional methods, which force students to attend one-hour classes should be junked in favor of ten-minute videos. A sort of teaching through You Tube.

Additionally, there is a paucity of teachers worldwide. “Schools struggle with inadequate teacher training, significant teacher absenteeism, weak assessment and monitoring processes, and poorly trained administrators".

Therefore, harnessing digital education could be panacea to the lacuna in the education system. In fact, digital learning is capable of delivering better learning outcomes at low cost. The prevalence of digital education is high, but it has to overcome the reluctance of the educational institutions to innovate.